Our coolants and cleaners are formulated for all types of manual and automatic grinding and machining operations. They are commonly used with high speed steel, carbide or coated carbide tooling. Economical and resistant to bacterial growth, these coolants have excellent water dilution rates, resist cobalt leaching, provide effective corrosion and rust protection extending tool life.

Grinding Coolants

Use the chart below to determine the best product for your needs. Click on coolant name in the chart for product Safety Data sheet (SDS). Below the chart are descriptions of each product. Please note, data sheets are subject to change.

Lubie 312 Lubie 325 Lubie 329 Lubie 427 Lubie 501 Lubie 702 Lubie CoHib A
Oil Based x x
Water Based x x x x x
Steel x x
Carbide x x x x x

CoHib A is an additive for recharging carbide coolants.

Technical Data

Lubie 312

A concentrated, general purpose, synthetic coolant that is economical to use at 10% dilution with water yet is designed for medium to heavy grinding or machining. Extremely resistant to bacterial growth and contains a superior rust inhibitor along with water conditioners and lubricity additives. Safe for use on aluminum and very low odor.

Lubie 325

A low-cobalt leaching, concentrated coolant formulated discharge levels. Low-foaming, antibacterial and will not stain or gum up grinders or wheels.

Lubie 329

Water-based “soft” synthetic coolant concentrate with the same low-cobalt leaching properties as Lubie #325. This product is better suited for users with sensitive skin.

Lubie 427

A very low-foam, concentrated coolant designed for use in high speed centrifuge systems. Economical, transparent and formulated with rust inhibitors, wetting agents, detergents, lubricity additives and bactericides.

Lubie 501

Grinding fluid for the woodworking industry.

Lubie 702

Compounded oil suited to a wide range of grinding and machining operations. It is formulated with specialty fats, sulfur, chlorine and phosphorus to optimize grinding and machining.

Lubie CoHib A

Anti-foam additive for water-based coolants.

FC 938

A heavy-duty water-based cleanser formulated to remove burnt-on wood resin deposits and pitch from cutting tools. It can be used on all types of ferrous metal saws, moulder heads, finger joint knives and other tooling.